Advanced searching

SolarTrack's searching facilities let you find the client you are looking for very quickly, with maximum flexibility. When the basic search is not enough, you can use SolarTrack's advanced search function to find clients.

The advanced search functions helps you find clients based upon any combination of this information:

  • Personal information such as name, address, postal code, telephone number or date of birth.
  • Total, maximum or average number or value of sessions in any given day, month, year or between any time periods.
  • Total or average value of products or courses bought in any given day, month, year or between any time periods.
  • Clients with any number of credits.
  • Clients with outstanding balances, credit limits, transactions over a certain amount.

These options provide you with endless ways in which to query your list of clients, making it easy to answer questions such as:

  • Who are my best clients?
  • Which clients have not used my shop in the last 6 weeks?
  • Who spent the most last month?
  • Who bought over £10 of products this week?
  • Who owes us more than £30?

Using SolarTrack's export functions, you can create mailing lists based upon this information quickly and easily. You can even save the search criteria so that you can run the search over and over again.

For more information about exporting, refer to Exporting client lists.