Appointment book

In a busy salon, you don't have much time to book appointments. SolarTrack's advanced appointment book makes it simple to book customers in.

Where SolarTrack differs from other systems is that it does not force a timeslot on a customer. Each customer is allowed to have a varying number of minutes - there is no need to book double sessions.

Simply double-click the appointment slot, select the customer and tanning time required and SolarTrack does the rest. SolarTrack can handle up to 128 columns, which can be used to book appointments for sun-beds, treatment rooms, therapists and stylist. The timeslot sizes and widths can be adjusted to suit your taste and screen size.

The appointment book supports full drag-and-drop functions with the mouse, which provides you with an extremely easy way to move, postpone and cancel appointments in the book. In addition, SolarTrack automatically records each appointment in its database so that it can tell you who are your most/least reliable customers.

Appointment slots are colour-coded to remind you which appointments are active, attended and late. SolarTrack even reminds you to fill in a disclaimer card for new clients upon arrival.

To make it easier for you, when you double-click an active appointment, SolarTrack takes you to the sale screen and even fills in the customer's session automatically!