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Article from Spa Magazine, March/April 2003 Issue.

...Another option is SolarTrack, which along with all the expected features such as point-of-sale, appointment book, client details and history SolarTrack also includes detailed client analysis and reporting and extensive marketing tools. When linked to timers, SolarTrack will also prevent theft.

The result for many customers, according to the manufacturer, is an increase in turnover of up to 20%.

SolarTrack has recently unveiled a software upgrade, as business manager Steve Monks explains, "The 4.1 release includes a number of additional features. For those spas that wish, there is the ability to restrict the number of tanning sessions for a client within any seven-day period. There is also a new report that will highlight any client who are about to exceed their maximum sessions within 12 months, as set out in TSA guidelines, plus additional client analysis and demographic information."

Article from Tanning Business Magazine, Marketing Section, Issue 1 2001, Pages 75, 77, 79.

Suppose you like a flutter on the horses, but a new computer programme tells you which horses will win and which not to bother with? Well, that programme isn't here yet but it's very close cousin is now available for tanning salons who want to stack the odds in their favour.

Josh Yardley, of BodyCare Direct, heads one of the UK's main tanning salon suppliers and supplies all The Tanning Shop's own shops: 'The beauty of the SolarTrack database control software is that it has allowed us to understand our customers a lot better. Once a month there are always 7 days of promotions within each Tanning Shop that we own. Remember, these are specific promotions for specific types of customer.
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Article from Salon Plus Magazine and Spa Plus Magazine, October 2001.

A new computerised management system has been credited with boosting the turnover of a northern salon by more than 20% on the previous year, according to owner, Tim Driver.

- Marked Increase In Efficiency and Sales

Driver, MD of Sun Leisure, installed the new SolarTrack management system earlier this year and has seen a marked increase in efficiency and sales. So impressed was he with the increased turnover that he's now become the official distributor of this information system.

Tim explains, "Although changing or introducing a new system within the workplace is initially a timely operation, being able to then access relevant data on a daily, monthly and yearly basis is invaluable both in terms of tracking efficiency and effectively planning the marketing operation."

- Eliminating Oversights and Human Errors

The system is designed to handle all aspects of the salon's operations - controlling sunbed timers, diary dates, tracking stock levels and re-ordering stock by direct email to suppliers - thus eliminating oversights and human errors. The SolarTrack holds customer database information, including client and customer profiles as well as usage - this solid information assures a string base for all future marketing activity.

- Clear Management Information

Tim explains, "The information is in a clear and visual format so that action can be taken quickly and decisions can then be made on fact rather than gut feelings. In an increasingly competitive market, an information system is a valuable tool for new and existing salons that offer a busy salon manager quick, clear and accurate information in order to maximise efficiency."

Article from Tantalize Magazine, February 2001.

Back in 1995, SUNdays Deep Tan Solarium opened for business in Manchester, England. For the first few months, the staff used manual record cards and paper-based course cards. But as their customer list rapidly grew, they soon realised that they were going to need a computer system to drive the business forward and manage the day-to-day jobs that were becoming tedious and time-consuming to control manually. So they set about looking for a solution that met their needs. After reviewing all the major software packages from the UK, USA and Europe, it became apparent that none of the systems had the features they were looking for. So the management team decided to develop a software system that truly met the needs of a modern salon. Now into its fifth year of use, "SolarTrack" is probably the most comprehensive computer system available for the tanning industry.

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Article from Salon Plus Magazine and Spa Plus Magazine, January 2001.

A new innovation in sunbed technology, which will prove a bonus to all users, is SolarTrack...


SolarTrack was designed by Simon Goldstone, a software developer for INTEC. His insight into the problems faced by the beauty business (his parents own five salons in Manchester) spurred him on to create it, and it has now been commercially available since February 2000. The software has been snapped by all 60 Tanning Shop salons, the largest chain the UK - and they claim to have increased revenue by 20%.

Keeping track of tanning time

SolarTrack aims to stop theft of tanning time, knowing that it can be difficult in a busy salon to remember how long a client has been using a sunbed. Tanning too long impacts on user safety as well as financial loss, so Simon took the opportunity to address the problems by designing software that automatically switches machines on and off - only after a sale has been recorded. SolarTrack runs automatic audits on a daily basis, and can send them be e-mail or fax to your chosen destination - a bonus for those such as Simon's family who have five to keep track of.

Competitive edge

The software also incorporates sophisticated marketing techniques designed to give your salon the edge on competitors. Simon explains, "There is so much competition at the moment. My parent's first salon in Manchester used to be the only one in the area, now there are eight! Marketing is an essential part of the business, and SolarTrack has three functions to take care of it. It helps retain custom with promotions; offering customers a free session on their birthday or 'refer a friend' offers. It helps win back lost custom - by sending a 'where are you?' letter to customers who haven't been in for three months. It also keeps records of users ' ages and postcodes so that we know who and where to target.

"Recently we noticed that although we had a lot of custom from people living in the M8 and M9 postal areas, M7 was suspiciously quiet. We did some research [using SolarTrack] and found that we had a major competitor in that area. This gave us the opportunity to target people in the M7 area with promotions - and we had a 25% increase in customers from that area as a result!".