SolarTrack Cost Calculator

By controlling the tanning equipment via the computer system, each and every session can be logged and recorded to ensure that staff or customers cannot use the sunbeds without paying for the session in full.

Of course, in an ideal world, this would not be necessary - customers would never try to cheat the system and staff would always be 100% honest. In reality, however, as we all know, things are quite different.

For more information about controlling the sunbeds directly from SolarTrack, refer to Connecting SolarTrack to your sunbeds.

At any moment, SolarTrack can give you, as the manager, an accurate reading of how many sessions were sold on each sunbed. Each and every time the sunbed is switched on, the session count is recorded. If any discrepancy arises between the number of sessions used and the number of sessions sold, a report is immediately generated.

You can monitor this from your head office or even from the comfort of your own home! SolarTrack can fax or e-mail the discrepancy report directly to you, wherever you are so you can stay in complete control over your staff at all times.

Typical Scenario

Tanning turnover per week 2,000
Number of sessions per week 444
Average price per session 4.50
Stolen sessions per day 10
Value of stolen sessions per day 40.50
Value of stolen sessions per 6-day week 243.00
% of turnover 12%

These figures are based upon the weekly turnover of an average salon. In busier salons, some customers have noticed an increase in turnover of up to 20%. See the customer success stories for examples.

By controlling the sunbeds directly, SolarTrack increases your turnover by:

- Removing the ability for your customers (and friends and family of your staff) to use the sunbeds without paying
- Ensuring that all monies received for a sunbed session go in the till and not in the pockets of your employees

Of course there are a host of other ways in which SolarTrack will save you money, including more accurate stock information, better stock re-ordering, more efficient servicing schedules for your tanning equipment and lamps/tubes.

In addition, there are many intangible benefits, cost savings and profit increases that SolarTrack brings you and your business, such as providing your customers with a more professional service, better mailshots and marketing campaigns, better organisation and management of your salon, improved appointment handling.