Client analysis

There is little point in storing information about your customers unless you can use the information later. SolarTrack provides you with unique detailed management information with on-screen graphs.

You can visualise trends and patterns instantly with the client analysis screen.

The client analysis screen provides you with a wealth of information about your customers, including:

  • Value over the last 12 months
  • Amount spent on session, products and courses over the last 12 months
  • Favourite sessions
  • Favourite products
  • Appointment record and timekeeping
  • Favourite days of the week
  • Favourite timeslots
  • Amount spent on sessions per week, month and year
  • Days since last session
  • Total value to date
  • Value per week, month and year
  • Account balance and credit limit
  • Number and value client referrals
  • Number and value of refunds
  • Rank ( % of database )
  • Value rating