Client details

Your customers are crucial to your business. SolarTrack's client database is second to none. In addition to the basic information such as name, address or date of birth SolarTrack allows you to store three telephone numbers, medical information such as skin type, GP name and telephone number and lots of other information.

Each client can be assigned their own unique discount level for sessions, products and courses and even have their own credit limit.

SolarTrack records how the customer heard about your business, such as 'passing trade', customer referral, advert. This information can be used later to more effectively target your potential customers.

SolarTrack allows you to store a full colour digital photograph of each client. This prevents other clients trying to use courses that do not belong to them.

Unlike other systems, SolarTrack allows you to type as much information in the notes field as you require - you are not limited to just two lines. In addition, there is a second 'urgent notes' field which pops up each time the customer comes into your shop to warn you of important information.

One of SolarTrack's most useful features is its AutoCorrect function. AutoCorrect helps to keep your customer database consistent by automatically correcting the capitalisation of names and addresses. In addition, it will convert 'Rd.' to 'Road', 'St.' to 'Street', etc. and even select Male or Female depending on the client's first name, all automatically!