Device controller

The Device Controller in SolarTrack is the monitoring system for your beds, once a sale has been made the system automatically sends the data through to the tanning beds. It allows you to access and function it form a dedicated area on the shop floor, so you don't have to manually go to the tanning beds to switch them on and off. The secure system means that even sneaky customers can't have more tanning minutes than they have paid for!

Once a sale has been made the system has been setup to allow the customer 3 minutes or so to get dressed and put their lotions on before the tanning bed starts, again this means that customers don't get more time on the bed than allocated to them. If however the customer gets ready before the three minutes are over simply start the tanning beds by a click of a button!

Access to the device controller can be done in many ways this depends on how the sale is made. Either way the main device controller screen will allow you to see what status the tanning beds are at and which customers are in queue for beds.

Please note that the device controller is an optional module and is not part of the base SolarTrack product. For more information, please Contact Us.