Active Salon is an innovative salon management software system, which has been designed and developed to make managing your busy salon easier. The fully functioning appointment book has all the essential features needed to give you full control of your salon. Book multiple treatments for your clients, view your clients’ details and their purchase history with a click of a mouse. Run several reports to find out more information on your clients, staff performance or generate marketing campaigns to build client relationships. Running the reports is easy to do, choose one of over twenty five standard reports that best suit your requirements. They are generated quickly and can then be saved to your computer in various formats, emailed or printed. There is also the option to create your own report by using the inbuilt Report Writer. Reduce missed appointments by using the SMS feature to remind customers of their appointments. The SMS feature can also be used to inform clients of current promotional offers on in your salon.

Fully Integrated Point of Sale screen
Client card details, photo, marketing
Queue Manager
Full Reporting facility
Export Salon Reports to Microsoft Office output, Excel or Word, HTML page
Use the Wizard to add clients, products, employees quick and easily

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Here at Salon Web Solutions we pride ourselves on producing high quality and innovative website designs. We believe your website should be an extension of your business and reflex your salons’ own identity and professional image online.

Every website is individually designed and built, ensuring your requirements are met with a custom made solution. By working closely with you we are able to understand your businesses objectives and marketing strategy so that this can be incorporated onto your website.

Most internet traffic to your website will come from search engines. It is essential that your website is built up of many keywords which summarise what customers will be looking for. As when potential customers are searching for products and services your salon has or provides, your website is the one they find.

We aim to create easy to use, fully functional and professional websites, to ensure maximum usability. Making sure each visitor enjoys their time browsing your site and make repeat visits.

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Our developers are here waiting to give your business a functional and eye catching platform onto the world wide web.

The Sunbed Association (TSA) was set up in 1995 as the trade association for the sunbed industry. It is a non-profit making organisation, representing operators, manufacturers and distributors of sunbeds and lamps.

The primary aim of TSA is to promote consistent good practice throughout the industry. All members, therefore, must adhere to TSA’s strict Code of Practice – The Sunbed Code. The Code of Practice is based on both the European Standard: EN 60335-2-27: 2003 (drawn up by representatives from the medical and scientific professions and from industry) and the Health and Safety Executive Guidance Note “Controlling Health Risks from the use of UV Tanning Equipment”.

Members commit to working to The Sunbed Code and are inspected to ensure compliance. For this, they have the privilege of displaying TSA’s logo at their premises to give recognition for their business as a reputable operation and offer credibility and reassurance to their customers. Any member found to be in serious breach of The Sunbed Code will be disqualified from membership.

SolarTrack is compatible with for you to purchase credits to enable the SMS feature. is a customer centric, business communications solution provider. The end to end service integrity provides, allows clients to send information and messages securely, simply, reliably and quickly – to staff, customers or any other audience of your choice. 2sms.coms global capability facilitates multiple delivery methods and reaches all the major mobile networks.

T-Max Manager - device controller
T-Max Manager/1A/3A by Applied Digital Inc.