SolarTrack Marketing: Beat your competition

Marketing is king!
As we all know, the solarium and tanning industry is currently experiencing tremendous growth. New salons are opening for business on every street corner. How are you going to compete in this ever-intensifying environment? By using the excellent marketing features in SolarTrack.
SolarTrack allows you to stay way ahead of your competition by enabling you to execute extremely effective marketing campaigns. Don't just blindly send out costly mailshots, use SolarTrack's management information to target your customers in an intelligent way.

Carefully analyse your customers
Use SolarTrack's comprehensive set of analysis tools to drill down into the information your business generates. The analysis tools allow you to spot trends in purchasing behaviour and decide which customers your campaign is going to target.

Define your objectives
Once you have decided which customers you are going to target, you need to define your objectives: what exactly do you want to achieve? Using SolarTrack's reports, you can look at your current sales figures, product sales, customer database growth, etc. and use this information to plan your campaign.

Plan your campaign
The next stage is to decide how to execute your campaign. SolarTrack contains a large variety of pre-defined mailing lists that enable you to target the right customers for your marketing campaign. Click here for a list of the most popular ones.

Execute the campaign
After running the desired mailing list, SolarTrack outputs data in one of the following formats: Microsoft Excel, HTML, XML or CSV. These formats are the most common data transfer formats available that virtually all office software systems can read. Using your favourite word processor, design your letter, merge the data that SolarTrack has provided you with, and then print, email or fax the letter to the customers.

Relax and enjoy the results!
When your message has been sent, you can sit back and relax and watch the results start to happen. Using SolarTrack's reports, you can analyse the sales information and compare with the information you had before the campaign. By doing this you can see how effective your campaign has been and use this knowledge in future campaigns.