Point of Sales

SolarTrack's point-of-sales screen is extremely powerful yet it is remarkably easy to use. The point-of-sales screen is used to sell courses, sessions, products and vouchers and pay outstanding debts.

The system is smart enough to adjust stock levels for you when a customer buys a product so that the product gets reordered automatically.

The customer's credits and time balance are adjusted automatically according to the session or course purchased or used.

Customers can pay by cash, cheques, credit/debit cards or vouchers. If the customer has a valid course, the session is taken from the course rather than being charged.

The lamp usage is also incremented automatically so that a proper record can be kept, aiding the regular servicing of your tanning equipment.

If SolarTrack is connected to an approved device controller (such as ADI T-MAX), the tanning equipment is switched on automatically when the customer uses a session.

The point-of-sales screen even tells you if it is the customer's birthday!