It is vital that you can search for clients in the database quickly and easily. SolarTrack lets you find records using any part or combination of the client's first, middle and last names. You can also use the client's ID number to go directly to their record.

If you operate a membership card scheme in your salon, you can also search quickly for clients using the membership number. You can even link SolarTrack up to a barcode scanner so that, when a client comes into your salon, you can quickly swipe their card - their customer profile will appear on screen automatically, complete with their name, address, contact numbers and even their photograph!

In addition, SolarTrack allows you to specify any part of their address or postal code to find the client quickly.

To further speed up the process of finding clients, SolarTrack retains a list of all the clients that have used the salon that day and clients that are booked in that day, so that, with one mouse click, you can select the client from the database.

When a client's surname is difficult to spell correctly, you can use SolarTrack's built-in "Sounds Like" function so that you spell the name how it sounds and let SolarTrack find the client for you!