Stock control

SolarTrack has built in functions for the management of all your stock, including retail and consumable items. Since SolarTrack is smart enough to automatically reduce items of stock when they are sold, much of the work of stock control is done for you.

To enable the control and management of the stock control facilities, SolarTrack provides you with five functions:

- Stock List and Control

- Stock Check

- Stock Input

- Supplier List

- Stock Enquiry

With it's comprehensive set of stock control tools, SolarTrack can automatically reorder stock for you, based upon levels that you set. When the quantity of stock drops below, SolarTrack raises an order and sends this to your supplier, either by fax or email message. You can turn this option on or off for each item type so you can stay in complete control. Using this facility, you can have SolarTrack automatically reorder your day-to-day products and still manually reorder your special products.