Supernova Testimonial

"Moving to SolarTrack was the best thing I could have done"

Supernova, is a well-established Tanning and Beauty salon based in St Helens, UK, which has been in business for 3 years, continuously expanding and thriving to meet the needs of customers.
Since using SolarTrack, Supernova has seen core business grow.

By utilising all the functions of SolarTrack, Supernova has seen improved profits through increased efficiency and better control of all aspects of the salon: Stock Control, Customer Service and Staff Management.

Control of tanning equipment

The salon comprises of 5 quality sunbed units, which are controlled and monitored via a T-MAX control system, operated in conjunction with the SolarTrack software. When a sale is made a list of available sunbeds is given, enabling you to turn the bed on straight away with a click of a button.

"This saves time as you don't have to manually turn the T-MAX control system on each time you want to activate a bed and the customers don't have to be use dated token systems. From a security point of view the sunbeds cannot be turned on without SolarTrack, which keeps tight control of sunbed usage identifying who uses the sunbed."

Improved hygiene and standards

Since the T-MAX control system has been in use the staff are able to monitor the status of the beds at any given time, as the on-screen display details the beds that are in use, how long each session has left to go and even if they require cleaning.

"This means that the beds are constantly being cleaned to improving hygiene and service standards. We know who's on each bed and when we can put the next customer on. All the information is there."

Stock control

"We offer a variety of beauty treatments within our salon, so we stock quite a large range of products, both on sale to our customers and consumable products which we use during beauty treatments. SolarTrack enables all of the stock items to be listed in the system and then stock checks can be carried out through the system. The stock functions can be used to automatically produce details of products, which need to be ordered, meaning we never run out of stock and the time taken to stock take and generate re-order lists is reduced."

Management reports

"The reports facility is also of great use to me. I can see the best selling products and the most popular sunbeds. This helps me decide areas that are working well and areas that need to be improved. If a product isn't doing too well I can target that and do a promotion. I can even check which periods aren't usually busy and then offer discounts to get customers in."


"Moving to SolarTrack was the best thing I could have done. It has made the day-to-day running of the salon so much easier that I have had time to grow the business and improve my profits"