Total Salon Control

For the ultimate in salon connectivity, SolarTrack can link directly to your tanning hardware. This is done by installing a Device Controller, such as the T-MAX timer (supplied separately).

How does it work?

The device controllers usually come in two parts: the manager and the timer. The manager is located near to your computer system in the reception area, either fixed to a wall or mounted on the desk.

Each tanning unit connected to the system requires a timer unit, which is located in the unit's cubicle or room. The timer units are connected to the manager unit via a cable, usually in a daisy-chain.

SolarTrack communicates with the device controller via your computer's serial port (or in some cases your computer's USB port). The appropriate commands are sent to the device controller, which in turn sends the command to the correct timer unit. This timer unit is responsible for switching on the sunbed for the appropriate amount of time.

Example connection diagram

The following schematic summarises a typical setup with two example tanning units:


  • PC running the SolarTrack software.
  • Device manager (such as the T-MAX Manager pictured). The device controller usually connects to the PC via a RS-232 serial cable.
  • Device timer, located in the room or cubicle with the tanning equipment. The timer is usually connected to the device manager in daisy-chain fashion. The timer is also hard-wired into the tanning equipment.
  • More units can be connected on the daisy-chain, typically up to 64 (or 128) units, depending on the device controller brand you are using.
  • At the end of the daisy chain, there is a terminator after the last timer.


The timers located in each cubicle are responsible for controlling the tanning equipment. This means that even if you switch off your computer (or reboot it) and unplug the manager unit, all sunbeds continue to work and there is no loss of tanning time whatsoever.

Find out more

SolarTrack has the ability to link with your device controller out of the box. There is no need to purchase any additional modules or upgrades other than the hardware itself. To find out more, please contact us.

Supported device controllers

Below is the hardware device controller currently supported by SolarTrack. For more information, click one of the links below. You will be transferred to the appropriate manufacturer's/distributor's website.

T-Max Manager/1A/3A by Applied Digital Inc.

Important Note: Device controllers should be installed by a qualified electrical engineer specialising in sunbed connectivity. Incorrect installation of device controllers can seriously damage your tanning equipment and can cause fire or injury.